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Website Platform

At the heart of all of our solutions is Search Optics’ Blueprint Website Platform. It seamlessly integrates with Paid Search, Local Search, Display Campaigns, and all other aspects of digital marketing to make each piece work harder for you. All of the websites we build on Blueprint are “SEO ready” with meta tags, structured data and sitemaps, so they achieve higher results right out of the gate. Our Blueprint Website and CMS supports English, French, and has many different language settings in the backend for users to select to have the best experience.

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Access and Edit Your Website, Anytime from Any Device

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Lower operating cost
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Edit content from any device
  • Fast-loading inventory module
  • More sales opportunities
  • Improved mobile SEO
  • Personalized designs
  • Scheduled and real-time updates
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Easy to upload mobile pictures of vehicles

On average, dealers who switch to Blueprint see the following results:

  • 101% increase in organic mobile traffic
  • 48% increase in organic mobile average session duration
  • 21% decrease (improvement) in organic mobile bounce rate

Easily Manage Your Content On-the-Go

Blueprint’s performance on mobile devices extends well beyond end users:

  • Incredibly intuitive to make updating your website on the go a breeze
  • With flexibility and functionality, commonly used areas are easily accessible and multiple editing tools are at your convenience
  • All-in-one platform eliminating the need to manage multiple portals
  • Completely customizable so you can fine-tune specials and forms to your unique needs with just a few clicks
  • Version control allows you to toggle between revisions or revert back to previously saved versions of content quickly

Responsive vs. Adaptive

When we talk about our responsive website platform, we sometimes get questions about adaptive versus responsive, and they are two very different things. Let’s take a moment to walk through the differences, and why responsive sites, in our opinion, are the most effective.

An adaptive site has multiple layouts, each designed for a specific device or screen size. This typically leads to much slower page load speeds, and poor SEO results given the several versions of HTML code used. On top of that, the user experience is inconsistent on varying sizes, and sometimes lacking due to pinching and expanding to read content or scroll through; this leads to lower site traffic and conversions.

Blueprint’s responsive design has one layout that adjusts itself based on the screen size, so the load time is much faster, and the SEO, comprised of only one set of code, is built-in across the entire site, no matter what size screen or device it’s viewed on. It’s different than other responsive platforms you’ll hear about, though, because it’s built mobile-first; that is, the layouts of every page and content are built to display on mobile devices without any pinching or too-small content, and then adjusted for larger screens. This gives our users a better user experience and, as we mentioned earlier, adds to the higher conversion rate.